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Being Heard: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

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Being Heard: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless


Being Heard
Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Aims of the Presentation

  • Providing a platform for the voiceless to air their issues.

  • Providing the audience with background information on public speaking and


  • Indicating the importance of communication.

  • Illustrating various features of a good narrator and authentic stories.

  • Enlightening the audience on the importance of telling their stories to the others.

  • Pleading with the audience to build their level of confidence in storytelling.


  • In most cases, people lack an opportunity to air the grievances, views, or any other concern that they may have within them.

  • Voiceless are the people who do not get a chance to tell their story to the audience or the entire world.

  • People such as refugees, inmates, or minor do not get a better chance to be heard by the public.

  • When one is not given the opportunity to talk out their mind, they are limited from getting their rights.

Importance of Stories

  • Being able to tell a story is an important art that people should have so that they can be able to interact with each other.

  • By telling a story, one is able to entertain the audience that increases his or her social worthiness.

  • Through stories, one can be able to appreciate the social norms of another community. For example, if the narrator is from a different community, the audience will be able to appreciate the cultural alienation of the narrator

How does story telling improve speech?

  • Telling stories is an important way of ensuring our expressions are improved. Improving once speech is an important aspect that makes one look more knowledgeable and informed.

  • Story telling enables the narrator to gain confidence in speaking. For example, one will get used to standing in front of large crowds of audience hence making him or her confident

  • Story telling will also enable you to speak in public hence you can be able to represent agendas of many people in an open platform

How speaking help in jobs

  • Being able to find and maintain a job is highly dependent upon the ability of the individual to communicate, convince and assure the employer that he or she is efficient, fluent and responsive.

  • In a job step, ability to speak can influence the employer to hire you. For example, when you are fluent and accurate, the employer may develop more confidence in you.

  • Also, a person that can communicate well can be able to interact well with the fellow employees. Without communication, the company would fail since all the employees are not speaking the same language, are not operationally united, and there lacks a good reporting system.

Stories as a source of memory

  • Remembering various things in the past can be challenging mostly when a person has encountered different issues in his or her life. Stories can be used in creating a good memory for the past.

  • Stories enhance memories by ringing in our minds as clear as the event was at the point of occurrence. Illustration, during tender age, old people used to narrate to us various stories that made us associate with the past events.

  • Stories also enhance memories through enabling us to narrate our life accounts making the other associate well with our past

Best structure for story telling

  • A story should take a good structure that will make the audience motivated and interested to want to listen more.

  • The story should have an excellent introduction. The narrator should start by indicating;


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