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Basic Requirements for Staying Fit and Healthy

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Basic Requirements for Staying Fit and Healthy


Basic Requirements for Staying Fit and Healthy


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1.0 Basic requirements for staying fit and healthy

            Nutrition is very vital for normal body functioning as a requirement for staying fit and healthy. Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet one to get the required calories complemented by nutrients needed to fuel daily activities, for example, regular exercises. Besides, it is quite impossible for individuals eating food so that to power their exercises performances because this can be a real task, for instance, harder than choosing vegetables over doughnuts. Therefore, it is advisable that one get the right type of food at the right times of the day. According to Robson (2013), scientists have consistently underlined the importance of individuals learning about healthy breakfast, workout snacks, and meal plans. For example,

·      The need for one to take breakfast that can give energy and nutrients required for exercises.

·      Nutrition workout snacks are equally important because they enable individuals to maintain their energy and nutrients levels.

·      Individuals are supposed to choose complex carbohydrates over refined alternatives.

            Additionally, so that to stay fit, everyone should have adapted to a simple set of daily functional exercises. As a result, these exercises improve the strength needed to enable normal functioning in the body. Therefore, these exercises are important since they allow one to endure a high body heart rate, to have an adequate sleep and maintain a level of energy needed to get through the day. Hence, all this reflect the competencies of a successful functional fitness routine. For one to have a successful fitness regimen, it is vital to take part in simple workout up a notch or two, by increasing the time spent on exercises, incorporating variations, involving multiples sets or simply a combination of the three (Robson, 2013). In addition to that individuals can also try to work with resistance types of equipment to create more challenge during the exercises. According to Robson (2013) performing the following activities acts a requirement for staying fit and...


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