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Bad News Adjustment letter

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Write a Bad News Adjustment Letter

In this assignment, you are assuming the role of the manager of a private swimming club. A member has written saying that she lost a contact lens (value $75) in your pool, and she wants you to pay for a replacement. The contract that all members sign explicitly states that the management is not responsible for the loss of personal possessions. Write a bad news adjustment letter denying the request. Invent any reasonable details necessary. 

 DO NOT use a template for this assignment.  You will lose points if you use a template.

Your letter must:

§  model the letter on page 375 of your textbook in format (full block AND single spaced) and types of information. Remember that I've given you general information, but you will have to invent some details that all letters should contain.

§  feature details, details, details--the incident under discussion, the member's affiliation with the club, dates, places, page numbers, etc.

§  have an appropriate letterhead with the business's logo/name/address (which means you must design one).

§  be error free and professional.  Poor grammar/mechanics will cost you heavily.

§  offer the member a good will gesture after you've delivered the bad news.  But be reasonable when it comes to the value of the good will gesture.  The member is asking for $75; the good will gesture should not equal or exceed that amount.

§  offer a follow up. 

§  adopt the appropriate tone so it doesn't alienate the member.  Tone can make the difference between appeasing a customer and alienating one.

Your letter should adhere to: 

§  Markel and Selber’s measures of excellence in technical documents outlined in chapter §  effective audience and purpose analysis outlined in chapters 5-7

§  effective writing techniques outlined in chapters 8-10

§  effective, appropriate writing techniques outlined in chapter 

Remember the approved formats for submission:  Word, .rtf, or Open Office.  Anything else receives a ZERO.

Submit your 100-point assignment


March 06, 2021     

XYZ Recreational facility

Address www.com


Dear Member,


Thank you for writing to us about the loss of your contact lens within EXZ facility on February 13, 2021. I am sorry for the loss; I understand how it is frustrating to lose such a valuable item. I understand you are experiencing difficulty in moving due to poor sight unless you have a spare.

According to your letter, your...


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