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Assignment Module 5-1 Family Health Assessment. Overview: Family Health Assessment


Overview: Family Health Assessment
Please use your interview family for this assignment
You will use the Friedman Family Assessment Short Form to guide this assignment. This is a useful
instrument to give you an overview of family functioning, communication, strengths and challenges.
1. Perform the Family Health Assessment using the modified Friedman Family Assessment
Short Form to gather information and make observations of your interview family.
2. You do not need to duplicate information as sections may overlap.
3. Using the modified Friedman Family Assessment Short Form, summarize, identify and
elaborate on your findings for your interview family in the template below. Spaces will expand
as you type.
4. Write a minimum of one paragraph for each category and address as many of the 26
subcategories as possible for this assignment.
5. Under the Family Function category include a summary paragraph from your Module 2 Patient
Teaching Plan recommendations for health promotion or wellness interventions
assignment to discuss the Health Care Function sub category. Two or more comprehensive
and detailed recommendations/interventions for health promotion/wellness are required.
6. APA is not required. If you cite sources please add references per APA 7 th edition.
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