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Assignment: Change the World Video Link and Reflection/Critique

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Find a Change the World speech (within the LAST 20 YEARS) that resonates with you.  An example is Emma Watson’s HeforShe speech at the UN Women’s conference in 2014.  You may also search for speeches on americanrhetoric.com, TED Talks, or google “best recent speeches” for inspiration

First, in a short introductory typed paragraph,  provide a description of your chosen "Change the World" speech you plan to critique. Who is speaking?  What is the occasion, and where and when is this taking place?  Why is this speech important enough that it qualifies as a potential "world-changing" speech?  What's the main issue at the center of this presentation? 


Next, you will need to do two things: 

·       Provide a link to the video of the speech if you can find it online. If for any reason there is not a video, please attach a link to the transcript from the speech; however, please TRY to find a speech with a video.  If your speech is longer than 10 minutes (and many addresses of this sort are), focus on a 10 minute or shorter segment.  if you provide a link to the entire speech, be sure to mention which ten minutes you are focusing on. 

·       For the next part of the assignment, write a 2 page typed reflection and critique of the speech, focusing on the content, tone, and delivery, as well as the most memorable aspects of the speech.  Be sure to mention Logos, Pathos, and Ethos from the Lesson.  Include why you chose that speech and the effect it has had on you and the world



Assignment: Change the World Video Link and Reflection/Critique

The speech if you want to change the world, start by making your bed was delivered by William McRaven, US Navy Admiral, on August 17, 2017. He gave his speech in a motivational talk held in a communication hub by the university to motivate people to work hard and remain focused on their goals to change the world. The speech is significant enough to qualify as a potential "world changing" speech because gives people the guideline and strategies for achieving objectives that bring a positive change of the world. The speaker asserts the most successful persons in the world must begin succeeding in small tasks they perform.

The speakers use several life examples to explain to the audiences that success in their projects also provided strategies helpful in measuring success in all activities performed. The speech aimed at the general public and more so to encourage the weak people not to give up in life but try to accomplish small things they can, they will develop the strength and courage to achieve bigger dreams in due time. The small thing does life with success count a lot in positively transforming the world. It significant for every individual to give account and keep a record of their daily achievement. Individuals who cannot succeed in small thing should worry about their success in more significant objectives in the future. However, failure should not be why anybody gives up; instead, one should keep training and be determined to succeed in their goal.

According to the speaker, success bringing change in the world call for a...


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