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Assignment #2: Future Career as a Business Consultant

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Assignment #2, Future Career as a Business Consultant


Assignment #2: Future Career as a Business Consultant


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Assignment #2: Future Career as a Business Consultant

I aspire to start a business consulting company. I know it may sound cliché, but I know I have a better chance of thriving in a consultancy niche than any other sector in the economy. Over my last internship period, I worked with Shanghai Wmeimob Inc., and my main takeaways were that business management is more complicated than its face value. I thought it was a smooth management move in any business, but it turned out that management scope is broad because it is not limited to making decisions and overseeing implementations. My realization of the management function's complexity opened my eyes to the number of problems that small and medium enterprises face when navigating executives' tasks in the contemporary world.

This is evident because many things have changed, and many businesses may fall short of these realizations, mainly if management functions are not the strong-side of different entrepreneurs. One big problem my consultancy will aim to address is the changing nature of various risks that business people face. Research shows that “now the very nature of risk has changed—today’s credit seeks out risk, exploits it, passes it on (Annie, 2011, p. 62), which poses a significant danger for a business that may want to seek credit facilities to boost business’s cashflow. Different business stakeholders do not easily understand these changing dynamics; some have to be trained, while others need to outsource management function; that is where my business comes in.

Nathalie (2020) publishes an article on The Guardian and explains the effects coronavirus has had on business operations. One such incidence is high unprecedented by any person in the community. Worse still, such pandemics come as a surprise to business people because they do not know what to do. According to Hossain (2020), the declaration of Covid-19 as a global health issue set many business managers in confusion; they did not know where to begin and how to navigate the problem. To many businesses, it was about survival and remaining afloat, awaiting what happens...


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