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Assignment 1

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Assignment 1: 


Identify and Describe 2 specific examples of montage in Citizen Kane. (Watch Movie citizen Kane)


Describe how mise-en-scene makes one of the scenes more powerful. Mise-en-scene document attached


Assignment 2:


How does Lang use sound effectively in M?  Describe an example. (Read A sequence analysis of M, which is attached)


Describe the relationship between the police and the criminal underworld in the film.  Why do you think Lang focuses on their relationship? https://youtu.be/TdSL9FvCv0U (Watch this)



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Assignment 1

Montage in the film is a technique in production that is used to pass a large quantity of information over a very short time. Montage can take the form of intertwining multiple storylines of narrative or through editing. In Citizen Kane, there is the breakfast montage showing Kane's relationship with Emily; their relationship just crumbles after a short period later. There is a coquettish conversion while they are taking breakfast. In this, Emily has a low-cut dress exposing a substantial part of cleavage as Kane wore a flamboyant white shirt and a tie. They could be seen seated too close to each other, expressing much love, but it all changes and now sits further apart, and the dressing of Emily could not further be shown. The entire montage shows in just minutes how their love dies two years later. There is the second instance of montage; there is romantic music that is playing in the background. The music slowly fades away as their conversation is souring.

Mise-en-scene refers to a stage arrangement of actors and design in film production (Mise-en-scene, 97). Citizen Kane uses numerous scenes to help in telling out the narrative. An incidence of mise-en-scene is when Kane gets in the newspaper building, and there are set straight lines that surround him from the molding of the ceilings, the poles, and the door frames. This is a symbolism of how ambitious Kane is when...


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