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Assessmet -1, Analytical Response

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Assessmet -1, Analytical Response

* Please Note: In Week-1, during the class, all assessment tasks will be discussed in details.

Analytical Response

Select two (2) research articles from a major academic journal, that have used research methods relevant to this unit, and write a summary and critique of them. Each of the chosen articles should have used a different research method (for example, one has used a quantitative research method while the other a qualitative).

Remember that a research article normally presents the results of an original, empirical analysis related to a specific topic. Review or state of the field articles survey a variety of publications on a specific theme, theory pieces discuss theory without much reference to data, or the results of the authorsown analysis, and opinion pieces or editorials simply set out the authorsviews on a topic.

If you have any questions about whether the article you are considering is a research article, please check with the lecturer.

Your summary and critique should be approximately 1000 words.

For your summary, make sure to outline the theory (if any) that the author is applying, the hypotheses that they seek to test, the data and methods that they use, and their conclusion. If the authors are using advanced statistical methods that you dont understand, dont worry too much about trying to explain them. Identify the methods and if possible explain why the author believes they are appropriate to the task at hand.

As much as possible, link your discussion to concepts discussed in class. For example, is the study micro or macro? Qualitative or quantitative? Survey, ethnography, archival etc.? How did the researchers draw their sample?

For your critique, offer some opinion about whether the authors conclusions are justified in light of the evidence they present. Do you believe the authors claims? Why or why not?

Assessment Criteria

         Appropriateness of the article for the analytical response

         Critical reflection of the opinions expressed

         Analysis of methodology and conclusions

         Quality and coherence of the argument

         Written Expression


         Quality of Resources and Referencing Style

Required reference style is APA.



Note for writer: please, visit the two uploaded sample for this Assessment and Assessment item details for criteria.


Article analysis: “The art of strategic management- the key to success in corporate sector” and Key success factors of strategic management implementation in SMEs in Iran”  



This analysis paper outlines and critically analyses two different journal articles, each focusing on explaining the key success factors in the art of strategic management leading to the maximization of competitive advantage in different sectors. There are two distinct approaches utilized in the analysis of the two journal articles. In the first article the researchers reach their final findings by utilizing qualitative research, conversely, in the other article, the researchers utilize a mixed methods approach. This kind of approach involves the process of using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The use of both methodologies in research is very significant as it gives the researcher the opportunity to compile reliable data concerning the key success factors (Pournasir, 2013). The use of quantitative data allows the researcher to gain access to quality data as the respondents involved in the study can provide deep insight regarding the study. Besides, it is significant to recognize that by the researchers in the first article depending solely on qualitative data, can only generalize their findings thus lacking some sense of objectivity.

Article One                       

            In the journal article, “The art of strategic management- the key to success in corporate sector” Dr. Fareha Zafar, Sman Babar, and Hina Abbas (2013), centers their study towards explaining the role of key success factors in strategic management. In their analysis, the researchers use Pakistan Tele Communication Limited (PTCL) as the case study. According to Zafar et al. (2013), the company enjoys the second most significant share of the Pakistani cell phone share market under Ufone, the company's cellular, it also operates over 4.4 million fixed lines. As per the collected qualitative data, the researchers conclude that PTCL enjoys a monopoly on all phone services, but the significant improvement in cellular networks has provided the company with a competitive environment. A qualitative approach was selected because it allows for insights into the research problem thus helping to establish relevant ideas for the research. Further, the approach ensures that the researchers uncover trends concerning the analysis of the research questions. Besides, the qualitative approach enables the researchers to utilize technical methods.   To narrow down the scope of the research the data collected is limited only to three sectors of the case study, these sectors include functional strategy, corporate strategy, and business strategy. Besides, the qualitative approach enables the researchers to utilize technical methods. 

Critique analysis of article one


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