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Artificial Womb

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Artificial Womb


Artificial Womb

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Artificial Womb

An artificial womb is a human-made device that supports the fusion of male and female gametes. It supports the growth and development of the resulting embryo through to the fetus, similar to the natural uterus found in women's bodies. Ectogenesis is the term used to describe the technology of producing babies without involving human pregnancy. Several researcher s have tried ectogenesis with success, and the first case was attained in 1951 by Dupont and Schwarz in which they managed to produce the first Ectogenesis child (Romanis, 2019). The debate of whether to fully adopt artificial womb technology has sparked so often, with some supporting the idea while others are opposing it. The individuals supporting the concept argue that it would be a tremendous social and biological equalizer. It would help the survival of pre-mature babies and help both fertile and unfertile people have children. Those against the idea argue that the artificial womb would deprive women of their role of being mothers. In this article, the argument would support artificial womb technology.

 Artificial womb technology would help both fertile and infertile individuals to have children and live a happy life. Most communities hold to the notion that there should be a child in that family for a family to be complete and happy. Some couples live unhappy married life because the woman is infertile, which may be occasioned by physiological or social reasons. An artificial womb would be of great importance to transgender women and other ladies who cannot conceive because they are born without reproductive organs such as the uterus or ovary (Partridge et al., 2017). Other women have unfortunately lost their uterus due to medical conditions, an illness like cancer or injury. Equally, the technology would give the single male and gay couples to have children be a parent without requiring a surrogate. Similarly, fertile women may opt not to get pregnant because of health or personal reasons but get children by the use of artificial womb technology.


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