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Article Comparison

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Article Comparison


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Article Comparison

Success is planned, with the support of the right emotions, attitudes, and behavior. Thiel and Masters assert that “The most contentious question in business is whether success comes from luck or skill.” In business planning, for example, organizational planning provides an individual with the necessary framework that can fully support the growth of a business venture with the ability to compete and react to challenges. A person can only succeed due to planning, where the course for achieving specific goals and objectives is well documented and analyzed. An individual possessing the right emotions, attitudes, and behavior can plan for the success of a business or life by reviewing current operations so that to identify the areas to be improved. Successful people appreciate the need of planning since it involves the process of envisioning the future targets of life.

            In both excerpts the authors support the idea that emotions and moods facilitate or support successful planning in business. According to Theil and Masters, the right attitude enables individuals to plan for the future by taking time to understand and comprehend it in advance. On the other hand, if an individual expects a future that is indefinite characterized by randomness, then there is no need of planning. Lack of planning enables substance...


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