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Are People from Different Classes Afforded Distinct Life Experiences?

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Are People from Different Classes Afforded Distinct Life Experiences?Are People from Different Classes Afforded Distinct Life Experiences?



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Despite the continuing presence of poor people and social classes, the public has forgotten the reality of poverty over the recent years and everyone is preoccupied with thought and efforts which can make them better in their class ignoring poor people. The United State has been developing economically and socially with increasing access to education, but unfortunately, the development has not been able to commensurate the required growth. According to Zweig (2002), over the past few decades, the poverty has grown steadily with 11.3 percent of the population in the 1990s being considered to have lived under the poverty line. In the year 2009 and above, the population living under the poverty line was estimated to be over 14 percent. This indicates a true reflection of the existent of class in the United States.

People in different classes in life faced a different mix of life experience. Poor people in the United States have been bearing the blame that they drained the economy through different welfare programs, refusal to work, destroyed the nation’s moral, acting as bad examples and blighting the cities by residing in them. These sentiments indicate the seriousness accorded to the social and racial class of the people in the United State and the life experience which they face each and every day. It is a common misconception that poor people are only those who do not participate in the economy for reasons that they do not have a job. However, poverty typically entails working people who don’t make enough monies because they are earning low wages or they have no permanent jobs. Welfare has been considered as the world for the poor that provide them with the condition for life for surviving. This in indicative of the distinctive life experience in the world that is different from the rest of the world.

In the attempt to elevate the condition for the poor, the United State has replaced the term “poor” from its mainstream with the term “underclass” in the American values and life. However, these attempts have not yielded any much impact considering that the condition of the poor remains alarming. In his vision to make American a super economy, the then president, Clinton required the queen welfare to be ended. According to Zweig (2000), queen welfare was the program that provided the single mothers with a livelihood to help bring up the children. This class of people could not afford their basic need and depended on the taxpayers' money to feed, wear and house their families. The government viewed them as social dependent and irresponsible individuals who wanted to transmit this irresponsibility to their generations.

The racial element was also put into the mix for the people were perceived to deter the economic development and oneness. Most of the blacks living below the poverty line in American were getting aids from the welfare queen which...


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