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Application for admission to the study program in Cortona, Italy.

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Application for admission to the study program in Cortona, Italy.


Application for admission to the study program in Cortona, Italy.

When I was young, my biggest dream was to become a global leader in business management and mostly get a chance to learn more about the outside world. This dream has not changed to date. If anything, I have a more explicit objective of making my childhood aspiration come true. I know very well that the only chance I have of enhancing my college education is through having a taste of the international way of life, culture, and most importantly, learning the best practices if awarded admission to the Study Abroad Program in Cortona.

First, studying abroad will enhance my college education by giving me a chance to interact with people from different ethnic communities and cultures. My grandfather used to narrate to me how exciting it was to experience how people who are different from us go about their daily lives. Specifically, he would explain to me how difficult it was to cope with social and cultural changes from other communities. I feel that this type of exposure is what I require to make my college life and education worthwhile. I will get a chance to appreciate people who are different from me and more so, learn positive attributes that can enhance my career and future business undertaking.

Secondly, gaining international exposure during my college education will enable me to understand the global business policies and other related political dynamics which are vital in fructifying my future business aspiration. I do not take this opportunity for granted because I know it will have a significant bearing on my education and more so, on my wholesomeness as an individual. Most students aspire to get a chance to travel and access education in other countries in a bid to better their future by creating connections. I will be among privileged learners to learn how business policies from other nations influence the ease of doing business. I feel that this knowledge will be timely and essential in the course I will pursue.

Third, getting the best learning opportunity is the only way to enhance community participation. Being a college student, I understand that I am the leader of tomorrow and the society looks upon me to bring positive impact to the lives of the elderly and mostly, the young generation. Therefore, taking this study program will open me to job opportunities outside my country....


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