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Answering Questions; Benefits of Sustaining a Fit-and-Well Lifestyle

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´╗┐PHED 1101, Spring 2019 Dr. Lee
As one of your course assignments, you will write a term paper to demonstrate your overall knowledge on health/wellness. For this paper work, you will be asked to answer some critical questions about health/wellness as the following. It is expected that your answers are clear, specific, critical, creative, and/or thoughtful. Plain answers should be minimized by providing good enough explanations with a plenty of examples. In addition, use our Pearson textbook contents in order to ensure the reliability of your answers. However, you could still use any other recourses for your answers with citations.
1. What are some of the primary benefits of sustaining a fit-and-well lifestyle throughout your life? (3 points)
2. What take-home points in general did you learn from class with regards to longevity? What can you implement in your life now that will have an impact on longevity? (3 points)
3. How do social relationships affect lifelong wellness and what is a key aspect of a healthy relationship? How do effective communication and healthy relationships contribute to wellness? (3 points)
4. Discuss some ways you anticipate that your wellness needs may change over time. Why is it important to continually reassess one's fitness and wellness state? (3 points)
5. How do we begin the process of discovering family medical history? What methods can you employ when approaching family members regarding medical history? Discuss specific questions you would ask about family members to determine your own risk and why. (3 points)
6. Finally, what do you think you will be like at age 60? In your answers, include reflections on "past" accomplishments, physical self-descriptions, and potential anticipated ailments. Then make a plan for your ongoing and future physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental health/wellness. (5 points)






Answering Questions; Benefits of Sustaining a Fit-and-Well Lifestyle

What are Some of the Primary Benefits of Sustaining a Fit-and-Well Lifestyle Throughout Your Life?

I am convinced that a fit-and-well lifestyle minimizes the threats of developing poor health conditions such as obesity, making it a priority in my life. For that reason, staying fit and healthy is essential since it is suitable for my health, but also entails other benefits that will make my experience more enjoyable. A healthy way of living is among the first opportunities that will ensure I strengthen my body and mind. I trust that a sustainable lifestyle will lessen the dangers of developing chronic ailments that can jeopardize my quality of life.

What Take-home Points, in General, did you Learn From Class with Regards to Longevity?

What can you Implement in Your Life Now That Will Have an Impact on Longevity?

At the end of the class activities,...


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