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Annotated Bibliography: Do Current Policies Punish Kids Awaiting Adoption?

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Directions:  A bibliography is a list of the sources that you come across while doing research on a topic. You will continue to conduct research on the topic you chose for Essay #3. You will compile a list of at least ten sources in an annotated bibliography. Four of these must be scholarly. Please contact me if you have concerns and would like to change your topic. 

We will be using APA or MLA (your choice).

Basically, this is the format:

  1. Make a Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) Page, and
  2. Write a paragraph beneath it to explain its potential significance to your paper.
  3. You will do this ten times (four of which will be for scholarly sources).

Please note, just because you use something in your annotated bibliography does not mean you have to use it in your research paper. That’s part of the research process—looking through useful and not useful sources.

Check out the link for "Library/Writing Resources" that is located above the "My Grades" link. This will help you
with research needs, including finding scholarly articles.


Annotated Bibliography: Do Current Policies Punish Kids Awaiting Adoption?

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Annotated Bibliography: Do Current Policies Punish Kids Awaiting Adoption?

The adoption agencies have retained kids with adoptive maternities of the same duel, ethnic group, and faith. The dwindling of healthy white kids has made experts try to mimic biological families. The experts argue that without the utilization of interracial Adoption, there will be no hope of discovering a perpetual homestead for thousands of black infants in the foster-care system. On the other hand, black leaders contend that black kids will lose their cultural heritage and uniqueness if raised by white paternities. The following sources all contribute to the debate of whether the current policies punish Kids awaiting Adoption.

Glazer, S. (1993). Do current policies punish kids awaiting Adoption? The CQ Researcher [Online.] Available at http://0-library. Cypress. com. Clark. up. edu/researcher/document.

PHP. This article presents the debate issue on both sides. There are blacks or African Americans who are opposed to the idea that white parents can adopt black children. The blacks have the perception that the black children would lose their identity as blacks and have a different moral endowment. There is a long debate that this article is addressing; this is the longstanding argument over which interest has too prevailing a case of Adoption; should it be that of child’s or their parent?

Smith, D. T., Juarez, B. G., & Jacobson, C. K. (2011). White on black: Can white parents teach black adoptive children how to understand and cope with racism?. Journal of Black Studies, 42(8), 1195-1230. This article is what the whites go through in the racial enculturation and inculcation of their transracially adopted Black children. The authors identify and analyze the themes pertaining to the specific race socialization practices and strategies that the white parents used to help their adopted Black children develop a positive racial identity and how to cope with race and racism. Mainly the article examines...


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