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Analyzing Joyner Lucas's "This is America" Song

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Analyzing Joyner Lucas's "This is America" Song


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Analyzing Joyner Lucas's "This is America" Song


Joyner Lucas's "This Is America" song is an engaging musical composition that engages contemporary America's social and cultural issues through lyrics accompanied by an impressive music video. We will examine this work from historical and psychological viewpoints, exploring how it can be studied as both a historical artifact and a psychological phenomenon, further exploring its creator/performers' intentions, audience responses, and media coverage. This report examines the song, "This Is America" from a historical and psychological perspective and offers an analysis of the intentions of the creators and performance. The report further examines how audiences view the song, and how the song is covered by media and closes by offering my personal reflection on how I feel about the song and what it means to me.

Examine the topic from two disciplinary perspectives

Historical Analysis

From a historical viewpoint, "This is America" can be studied as an artifact that represents America today in terms of both its social and cultural climate. Released in 2018, during an era marked by rising racial tensions and social unrest across America, Historians can examine both lyrics and music video of "This is America" to gain insight into its context of creation; for instance, its lyrics address issues like police brutality, gun violence, racism which have long been challenges within American society - which "This song" portrays. Historians can investigate their historical development while investigating how "This Song" represents their current state within American society. The music video for "This Is America" contains many historical references and symbols (Sloboda and Patrik). For instance, Joyner Lucas shooting an unarmed man in the head before placing his gun carefully onto a red cloth is reminiscent of the Charleston church shooting in 2015, where white supremacists killed nine black churchgoers; historians can analyze how this scene draws upon historical events to convey a message about America today.

Psychological Perspective

From a psychological viewpoint, "This is America" can be explored as an influencer on human behavior and cognition. Psychologists may investigate how its lyrics and music video impact the emotions, attitudes, and beliefs of listeners or viewers who listen or watch it - for instance, how its visual imagery provokes strong emotional responses such as shock, anger, and sadness in its listeners; how its message and themes might shape attitudes or beliefs regarding topics like racism, gun violence or social justice among its listeners or viewers. Psychologists can investigate how music, such as "This Is America," can be used as a form of protest and expression. The song's lyrics and music video convey an emotional story about African Americans living in America and facing challenges within their community. Psychologists can investigate how musical protest can contribute to social change by strengthening marginalized groups or raising awareness of critical social issues (Sloboda and Patrik).

Intentions of the creators/performers.

Aims of "This Is America" Creators/Performers: Understanding Joyner Lucas, the rapper/songwriter responsible for "This is...


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