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All About my Literacy History

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All About my Literacy History






All About my Literacy History

I think life is all about reading and writing; luckily, there is no order in which these two literacy aspects have to occur. One can start by understanding how to write and then later in life, become a good reader. In my case, I think I learned both aspects simultaneously. The process of becoming whatever one wants in life is coupled with several challenges, most of which rely on the ability of the subject to absorb, review alternatives, and ignite efforts towards achieving. My journey towards learning how to read and write was particularly intriguing; none of the results from the process were immediate or overly exciting. I transitioned gradually, very slow to a point where I perceived myself as a slow learner. Literacy is essential in one's life, and I paid the cost to earn it. My peers like to tease me that I was well situated to learn, that I was smart; that is why writing and reading were simple for me to learn. However, I would instead consider myself a standard student who does not give up.

My life did not begin until when I was 12 years. My parents lived in a middle-class neighborhood; it is obvious that I attended primary school in the low-end communities. That was not a challenge at all; I think it was a blessing in disguise. Being in a school that had very few books and study facilities gave me a chance to realize learning, at times, can be improvised. That means getting used to taking advantage of any learning opportunity presented to us.  My mom was a high school teacher in a neighboring state, and she would bring 2 storybooks every week to train me on different literary devices applicable in various genres of writing—all these efforts were not forthcoming.

At the age of 12, my parents moved me to one of the best schools in the states, that is when I experienced learning. What overwhelmed me most was the fact that the institution had all the facilities I need to become a writer and a reader I dreamed about. Henceforward, it did not take long to start lectures in my 'new' school. The first class was not...


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