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Alexander the Great Response

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Watch the video called Alexander the Great-Until the End of the World  (Part II starts at about the 45 minute mark...you may watch the entire video if you want extra credit. You should answer the last two extra credit questions) This is a reflection assignment where you compare what the textbook says with what you see in the video. The questions are worth 30 points if they are accurate and clear. Each answer should be about three-five sentences long (the entire video response should be about a page and a half long at least. Begin your response with a thesis statement that explains your stand on the video or on Alexander as a leader (you may choose).

Attach your answers in a Word document. I also added a link to the video in YouTube here: (only Part II is required for this assignment it begins about 45 minutes into the documentary)


Do you see Alexander the Great as an effective leader and ruler? Why or why not?

What were some of Alexander's policies toward the conquered peoples? How did he plan to rule his empire?

How does the information in the video add to the information about Alexander in the text? List at least three things you learned that contributed to your further understanding of Alexander and his life. 

Extra Credit Questions:

1. What aspects of Alexander's early life prepared him to become a world leader?

2. Do you see Alexander as someone who earned the title "great"? Why or why not? Give some examples form the video to support your response.


Alexander the Great Response

Alexander the great was a great ruler and the title “great” was right and a true reflection of his personality, zeal, determination and wisdom. It is interesting how Alexander the great was intelligent in solving puzzles. In a challenge to find a ruler, there was a challenge to untie a knot and alexander proofed to be unique in his way of solving problems. Instead of finding the endless knot he decided to cut the rob and had unique solved the problem (51:47).

in a continuation of solving issues in a unique way, Alexander would not alienate people who he conquered from their culture and their way of life. This was a unique way and that it was instrumental in gaining the loyalty and the trust of his subjects easily. He would honor their culture, even after completing his conquest he would enjoy security and stability. Also intermingling the conquerors and the conquered through intermarriages like in the case of Persia he would enjoy some of their court ceremonies.

Alexander is one of the greatest, there was given...


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