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Advanced Technical Writing-TECNO Mobiles

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Essay Prompts, Rubric & Instructions for Advanced Technical Writing

If you have a Study.com College Accelerator membership and are seeking college credit for this course, you must submit an essay and pass the proctored nal exam. You must submit your essay before registering for the nal. Below you will nd prompts and instructions for submitting your essay.

About the Assignment

Technical writing is a skill everyone needs at some point. In this course, you learned about the technical writing process, technical editing and the various types of technical correspondence. In an 800-1200-word essay, answer one of the prompts below using concepts you learned from the course to support your arguments.


1.              Consider a product that you frequently use or know a lot about. Identify an audience who is unfamiliar with your product and then write both a productdescription and a user manual addressing the product features you want to highlight and how to use them. All ideas should be geared to the audience and its speci c needs and backed by research.

2.              Take a look at your phone and think about 2-3 features that you want to see improved. Imagine you are an employee for the company who makes yourphone. Prepare an unsolicited proposal you'll be emailing to the company's CTO covering the new features, their key audience, and how they will improve the product and why. All ideas should be geared to the audience and its speci c needs and backed by research.

Formatting & Sources

Please write your paper in the MLA format. As evidence for their analyses, students should provide quotations from the course and any outside research.

Cite all quotations using MLA format. Please include any Study.com lessons you used as sources (including the lesson title and instructor's name).

If you're unsure about how to use MLA format to cite your sources, please see the following lesson:


Student’s Name


Professor’s Name


Advanced Technical Writing-TECNO Mobiles

TECNO Mobile has had a number of phones which have served and continue to serve the low-budget reservationists. There are various types of phones and phone companies that are suited for different level income people; for instance, Apple Inc. produces phones that are suitable for high-income earners while Tecno performs better in serving the low-income earners. Some low-budget phones have some good features that have been modified to fit into...


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