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ADMN 575 – Behavior in Organizations - Spring

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REFLECTION PAPER #1 – Individual Awareness and implications for Organizational Behavior

Purpose and components       Reflecting on your personal experience with organizations (e.g., of this Assignment        your college, clubs, sports teams, part-time jobs, internships, etc.), describe your strengths, weaknesses, learning style, values, personality characteristics, motivation needs, etc. (refer to “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker and OB concepts).

       Identify a specific point in time: for example when you made an important decision (e.g. to join or leave an organization or a team), or when you were highly satisfied or unsatisfied, or when you came to a realization about yourself, etc.

       Reflect on the “whys” as it relates to who you are as a person and your tendencies and preferences.

       Provide empirical evidence for this description (specific examples).

       Include what you have learned about yourself and future career implications.

You are to make at least 3 connections drawing on the personality traits, emotional intelligence, learning styles, motivational drives, and other individual OB concepts when reflecting and writing this paper. Advice: Start from who you are, then connect with relevant concepts or principles.

Please use at least 3 references from at least 3 different sources (e.g. textbook, Drucker article or other sources) in developing your ideas to ensure that your connections are relevant and coherent.

Format                                          The paper should contain 1,200 – 1,600 words, 12 point font,

double line spacing. Using a word count makes it easier to clearly structure the paper without the constraint of a page count. You will add a cover page showing your name and the name of your paper, and a reference page listing all sources cited in the paper. Cover and reference pages do not count against the word count.


Case Study about Organizational Behavior




The professor delegated some group assignment that involved answering fifty multiple choice questions that covered what he had taught throughout the semester. For that reason, Mike and John were supposed to work together on the group assignment so that to meet the stipulated deadline. However, the relationship between the two individuals was tense as such it derailed all the principles of teamwork. Mike and John felt they could not work together with the aim of achieving a common goal hence this affected their work efficiency. Hung (2013) found out that teamwork enables people to accomplish specific tasks more efficiently than when an assignment is handled individually. When individuals corporate together on particular tasks, they effectively reduce the workload for each other since they can share responsibilities while exchanging ideas. In their capacities, Mike and John accused each other of being the stumbling block towards the completion of the assignment. The professor having been notified she assigned Mike and John’s team to me as a consultant so that I can help them work through their problems.

The main problem facing this team is lack of teamwork. Zofi (2012) explains that poor teamwork can be a significant drain on energy and motivation in any group. This situation is more intense considering Mike and John were moving from start-up to developing a team. Indeed, this is underlined by John accusing Mike of trying to dominate the group. John argues that Mike did not want to hear any rationale about how the plan he had devised to go about the assignment could go wrong. Mike's stubbornness made it impossible for John to get any other ideas through. By Mike dominating and trying to impose solutions to the group so that to meet his own needs, this resulted in conflicts with John. The success of completing the assignment relied on the effective teamwork and collaboration between Mike, John, and the rest of Hell group members. The failure of Mike and John working...


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