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Ability to Face Hardships- In “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein

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Ability to Face Hardships- In “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein






Ability to Face Hardships

In “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” Garth Stein outlines a compelling story of a dog’s efforts to unite his family despite facing a disruptive custody battle. Having a nearly human soul, being educated from always watching television, and listening to Denny Swift, his master makes Enzo a superior dog. As he nears his death, he analyses the life of his family, detailing how they experienced suffering and misery. Denny has to sacrifice family time to boost his career, suffers the loss of his wife, and fight for custody of his daughter; however, despite these challenges, he preserves his family, underlining the strength to face hardships as an essential human quality.

Enduring hardship is an essential human quality, as shown by Denny experiencing suffering after he agrees to spent time away from home to pursue his racing professional despite ramifications of such an action. Enzo believes that Denny cares for his family deeply; therefore, the new sponsorship deal presents him with a tough choice on what to prioritize. As a racer, Denny wants to advance his career, and he understands that the new agreement will improve his status. For that reason, he courageously signs the deal, accepting its terms, leaving Enzo and his family in the care of Eve. Staying away from his family is not the only challenge that Denny faces but also the death of his companion, Eve.

Experiencing hardship is an essential human quality, as illustrated by how Denny deals with the loss of his wife as it forces him to balance between his racing career and caring for Zoe. Enzo notes that Eve dying was unexpected for the family, but Denny hides his anger and disappointment for the well-being of his daughter, Zoe. As a loving father, Denny endures pain but hides it, especially from his daughter, since he understands it is his responsibility to provide her with everything. For that reason, Denny confronts his hardship through re-inventing himself, making it easy to move on and still preserve his family. Besides experiencing misery after the loss of Eve, Denny faces more challenges in court.

Managing adversities is an essential human...


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