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A Proposal Argument; De Anza College should open more online courses and hybrid courses.

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You’ll write an argument that makes a proposal that offers a solution to a selected problem. Remember

that Proposal Arguments “…provide thoughtful reasons for supporting or sometimes resisting change. It will be a PROPOSAL ABOUT PRACTICES or PROPOSAL ABOUT POLICIES. You should…

• Define a problem that needs a solution or describe a need that is not currently addressed

• Make a strong claim that addresses the problem or need

• Show why your proposal will fix the problem or address the need

• Demonstrate that your proposal is feasible.


As before, be sure these are included:

1) An introduction paragraph providing context

2) A thesis statement or claim (may be preceded by the question that the thesis answers)

3) Points that express reasons to support the main claim.

4) Evidence supporting each of those claims drawn from SOUND and APPROPRIATE SOURCES (6

minimum); 4 “scholarly”/ drawn from library databases, others may be other well-evaluated sources

5) Concession of / fair expression of alternative points of view and your response or rebuttal that

shows careful consideration of these alternative definitions or points of view.

6) Well-developed paragraphs (consider P.I.E. as a paragraph model)

7) Your evidence and any quotes, paraphrases, or summaries must use MLA-citation, both in-text and in a Works Cited entry. The Works Cited entry (alphanumerically) will be placed at the end of the Final Draft.

8) A conclusion paragraph.

-          My Proposal: De Anza College should open more online courses and hybrid courses.

-          Give a preview of main points:

-          1. Online course is convenient;

-          2. Online course is flexible;

-          3. Online course can improve students’ learning ability;

-          4. Online course also bring benefits to college itself.


-          Body I. Convenient:

A.    For students: saving time on commute. (Especially in De Anza College. Heavy traffic in north California bay area. Give example about De Anza students need to get on road at least 30-40 mins before class start.)

B.     For Community: encourage more people to take class in De Anza. (People can take online courses with their internet accessible devices at anywhere. People who are busy or don’t want to study in campus can also have chances to study.)

-          Body II: Flexibility:

Time flexibility: online class could help students when they have time conflict issue. Students could find the classes which easily fit their schedule. (Source: benefits of online courses about time flexible) Give my personal example: this quarter I am enrolling a communication class which is online class saved me from schedule conflict.

-          Body III: Improve students’ learning ability:

Online course need students study more independently. Students need to do researches or practices after online class. Improve self-study ability is very important. Especially for De Anza students. Most De Anza students are going to transfer to higher institutions (4-year universities). It’s important for them have this ability after study in De Anza. (Discuss about transfer? graduation? measures of success? grades?) Research educational journals for effectiveness of online courses on this way.

-          Body IV: Open more online courses bring benefits for De Anza College itself:

Saving money on utilities, open more spots for class, admit more students. (use statistics data to support)

-          Rebuttal: Comparing to traditional class, not everyone is suitable for online class. Some of students might lower the effectiveness of study.

-          Conclusion Paragraph. 


Student’s Name

Professor’s Name



A Proposal Argument: De Anza College Should Open More Online Courses and Hybrid Courses.


Over the last decade due to technology advancement the world has been reduced to a global village. According to McPherson et al. (135), presently people are living in a world that is surrounded by the internet. Many kinds of services and utilities which are based on the internet or computers are helping people to have better lives. During this era of technological improvement, online education stands as one of the most significant innovations. Online training is a process where learning is delivered and administered to students over the internet. Online education at De Anza College incorporates different categories of online learning such as exclusive online courses and face-to-face learning. As an institution of learning De Anza College offers educational instructions to its students using computers that can be accessed from different geographical areas. The increasing popularity of online training has improved the dispensation of education. To maximize the use of the internet De Anza College should open more online and hybrid courses because they are flexible, convenient, and improve the learning abilities of students.



Problem statement

The traditional system of education had encountered various problems, for example, students need to pay a lot of money to attend prestigious schools. Ni (197) asserts that most students fail to study in schools of their choice due to course shortages, budget cuts, and busy schedules. This has resulted in students opting for online learning where they enroll for at least one college course. Globally, the contemporary education has been revolutionized by the availability of online learning. Due to technological advancement, online education stands as one of the most significant innovations. This form of learning has led to systemic changes resulting in greater educational opportunities. This underlines the need for De Anza College to increase the online and hybrid courses offered by the institution hence benefitting the general community.


In most cases, the benefits derived from online education are dependent on the students at De Anza College. Online and hybrid courses significantly make access to education more convenient for students, for example, those who travel from time to time, those with disabilities or health concerns and so on. Online learning also reduces the amount of time that students spent while commuting to school (Bonvilian et al., 24). For instance, located in northern California bay area majority of De Anza College students are often caught up in traffic as such they are required to get on the road at least 30-40 minutes before the start of a class. Therefore, increasing online and hybrid courses will create training opportunities for many students who are traditionally underserved by post-secondary institutions. The provision of these courses will shorten the amount of time spent on commuting considering it will involve a simple walk to the computer.  Therefore, students will have the opportunity of studying at their convenience.

The general community will also benefit from the increase in the online and hybrid course at De Anza College. Online education ensures that students get time to study when their children are occupied or sleeping (Ni, 197). By offering this form of education most of the people in the local community will be encouraged to take classes at De Anza College because they can learn at their convenience. The issuance of online and hybrid courses provides a platform for people in the community to study while using their internet accessible devices from different locations. For example, people who are engaged in other activities have a chance to study therefore convenient online learning has made sure that interested parties can go back to school. The provision of online education will enable students to strike a balance between family and work. Besides, the community will benefit from the availability of online courses due to enhanced access to course materials such as recorded lectures that can be reviewed to boost the level of understanding.


            Online education is time flexible therefore this kind of learning is significant to students who have time conflict issues. Flexibility in online training refers to the form of learning and teaching that is free for students from specific constraints such as pace, place, and time of the study. The flexibility of online courses at the De Anza College will not only be limited to...


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